Tiny WPA is Hiring!

Photo by Neal Santos.

Photo by Neal Santos.

Tiny WPA is hiring! We are looking for a strong designer and experienced fabricator who loves people, especially empowering everyone from kids through seniors to design and build great things that make a positive difference. You must be incredibly comfortable working, leading and following people who are not like you--whether it be age or socioeconomic background. You also must be comfortable being ‘strong and wrong’. While teaching experience is a plus, it is not required and first and foremost you should be good at and find great joy in working with people. Having deep curiosity in how people best learn and create or an entrepreneurial background will also be helpful.

The Program Manager will be responsible for:

1. Leading, managing and growing The Building Hero Project.

This includes managing and helping teach the 8-week Training Program; overseeing fabrication of products; leading product development and marketing for The Building Hero Etsy Store; managing related budgets; and growing The Building Hero Project’s socially good contracting arm.

2. Helping lead, manage and design placemaking projects in West Philadelphia. 

Upcoming projects include helping lead Tiny WPA’s Play Everywhere grant from Kaboom, which will involve refining and co-developing playable sidewalk furniture with local stakeholders of all ages. You will be required to track and manage detailed budgets as well as fulfill KaBOOM’s evaluation guidelines.

3. Continuing to grow and support a robust multi-generational community around the Building Heroes and our shared neighborhood-focused makerspace.     

You will be one part ‘den mother/father’ for the Building Heroes and #4017Lancaster, our community-focused makerspace. This means ensuring that people of all ages feel welcome and engaged; that the workshop area is clean, maintained and organized effectively to meet everyone’s needs; and further strengthening relationships and awareness through social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). A key part of this is overseeing Tiny WPA’s weekly Stop By + Build open building session every Wednesday and potentially working with Building Heroes and other collaborators to develop additional classes in the space.



- 2+ years experience

- Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, Product Design, Architecture, or related field OR a minimum of 2 years experience performing a role substantially similar to the essential functions of this job description.

- You must have a strong design ‘eye’ and sense of design. Please provide work/project samples that demonstrate your design skills and aesthetics.

- Rock solid proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp and Google Docs is required. Experience with Solidworks and/or Rhino is a plus.

- Solid fabrication and woodworking experience is required; mig welding experience is a plus. You will be frequently using a laser and vinyl cutter.

- Teaching experience is not absolutely required but you must be exceptional at and love working with people. Deep curiosity about how people best learn, create and collaborate is a plus.

- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Due to Tiny WPA’s incredibly collaborative nature, we prefer over-communication.

- Attention to detail is a must.

Tiny WPA is young nonprofit. We work really hard but deeply love our work. A typical work week is 45-55 hours. When there are work surges, we will happily provide commensurate days off.


Application Instructions

1- Please email cover letter, resume and a portfolio or images of at least four work or project samples to     Renee Schacht at renee@tinywpa.org with "Program Manager" in the subject line. We will review applications on a rolling basis but hope to fill the position either before Christmas or the first week in January.

2- We need to see you design and building with others! Schedule a time to design-build for a number of hours during Stop By + Build with people of all ages or volunteer on a project. You will quickly know if you love or hate the occasional controlled chaos and we get to see if you are a good fit.


Tiny WPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  A diverse staff is critical to our mission. Individuals of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.