Building Hero Bench

Building Hero Bench


People will sit where there are places to sit and who wouldn’t be PROUD to sit on a Building Hero Bench?

When we created the first version of the Building Hero Bench--the original Building Hero product--with Raheem, John, Jacob, Star, Thuy and other teens in North Philadelphia two years ago, everyone immediately knew we had something pretty great. The original benches were incredibly lightweight, ridiculously strong and unlike anything else out there but they were really hard to make, especially in any sort of reasonable timeframe. We believe that great design, quality fabrication, empowerment, rich learning, innovation and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive. In fact, great things happen when we understand that these things are deeply interconnected and we expect much more. As such, it took a considerable amount of experimentation, testing in communities and relentless iteration by various members of the Building Hero team to evolve the design of the bench into something that is truly wonderful and build-able by all.

With every strut custom cut and six color options, no two benches are alike.

Do you live in the Philadelphia area? We offer a Building Hero-led Bench Building class! 

Purchase the Bench Building class option and we will contact you via email to schedule your class. All classes take place at our maker space, 4017 Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia.

Dimesions: 48" L x 18 H x 12" W
Material: Wood, paint, polyurethane

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