Building Hero Desk Organizer

Building Hero Desk Organizer


A funny thing happened when part of our Building Hero team analyzed their everyday lives, looking for opportunities to make simple improvements through design: everyone struggled with organizing their desks. We know that creative people are well known for their issues with clutter but this was ridiculous, so we developed this cool, eminently customizable desk set. No two desk sets will EVER be alike. How many other desk sets can say that?

It also happens to double as a great tool for training other Building Heroes (and you!) how to use the laser cutter, make jigs, tape-and-glue, and use both table and chop saws.

That’s a lot of awesome.

All sets come with 5 containers. Please note that each container is unique and the size of each container will vary but will be very similar to the combination pictured. 

Live in the Philadelphia area? We offer a Building Hero-led Design Organizer Making Class!

Purchase the Design Organizer Making Class option and you will be contacted through email about scheduling. All classes take place at our maker space, #4017Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia and are led by a Building Hero.

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