iPhone / iPad Holder

iPhone / iPad Holder


Elegant, simple, pretty, reliable and designed and fabricated by a 17 year old Building Hero. Until Zhi created his iPad stand from scraps of hardwood, we didn’t realize how much we would come to value what is little more than a block of wood in our home and work place. And yet, we literally use Zhi’s stand every single day, while cooking dinner, cleaning our home or for DJ’ing music. The angle is perfect; the height is great for best projecting sound……we love it and know that you will too.

The size is approximately 1.5 x 5 x .75 inches. Please note the size may vary slightly since all are made by hand.

Do you live in the Philadelphia area? We offer a Building Hero-led iPhone/iPad stand class! 

Purchase the iPhone/iPad Building class option and we will contact you via email to schedule your class. All classes take place at our maker space located at 4017 Lancaster Ave in West Philadelphia.

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