Stefanie's Hexagon Decorative Tray

Stefanie's Hexagon Decorative Tray


Wish you had nifty item to get your friends talking? You need our HEXAGON DECORATIVE TRAY!
This tray was designed and built by Stefanie, one of our building heroes! She's been learning how to build so she can work with Philly school kids to get them to make cool stuff. Sure you can serve things with it or show it off, but it has so many other uses. Use this tray to drop your keys and hold all your loose change. It's perfect for your nightstand to hold phones or a boxes of tissues. It also makes a great conversation piece at your next social gathering. When you purchase this made-to-order, one-of-a-kind tray, you're also supporting an upcoming builder/designer right here in West Philadelphia.

Dimensions: 14" L x 14” W x 1/2" H
Material: Sapele, lauan, paint

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