The Building Hero Iceberg Shelf

The Building Hero Iceberg Shelf


Almost everyone who walks into our community-focused workshop, including the Building Heroes, are needing to add more shelves to their lives. But the Building Heroes do not design and build just any old shelf. As a result, meet the Iceberg Shelf. 

Whether you are dreaming of a white Christmas, have fond memories of your trip to Alaska, or are looking to add a little something extra special to your wall, this study, wall-mounted hand-painted shelf will brighten your day no matter of the season.

It hangs flat against the wall and comes fully assembled. 
Dimensions: 16.75 inches wide by 5 inches deep and 11 inches high. 

Do you live in the Philadelphia area? We offer a Building Hero-led Iceberg Shelf class! 

Purchase the Iceberg Shelf class option and we will contact you via email to schedule your class. All classes take place at our maker space located at 4017 Lancaster Ave in West Philadelphia.

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